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The Chyldren – Private Crucifixtion

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Werner Karloff – Telemecanique Alarm

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The Faceless 50 – Me And Your Double

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The Faceless 50 is a current project from electronic duo Geert Coopens (Twighlight Ritual) and Tushna (Nina Belief.)
The two decided to collaborate after they met at a show in Germany in 2010. The efforts began with the exchange of poetry, music and ideas finally resulting in 5 unheard tracks that have remained archived until now. Staying in tune with early analog style of performance the duo plan on coming together for live, future endeavors.

Vocals/Poetry/ Spoken Word: Geert Coopens
Music written and performed by: Tushna

Entre Deux Guerres – This Time

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Nic Hamersly – Days Forgotten

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Testicular Manslaughter – Hype Him

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Experiment Incest – We’re A Professional Team

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Die Lustigen Kürbisse – Müde Bananas

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Orgue Electronique – Fashion Statement

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Lisfrank – It’s Life

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