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Winter Severity Index – The Wiser

Posted in Post-Punk, Winter Severity Index on 02/10/2010 by redo


Simona Ferrucci – Voice and Guitar
Diana Salzo – Bass
Elyria – Drums
Mushy – Synth and Keyboards

Winter Severity Index are an Italian New Wave group from Rome, formed by four young women who have already had experiences as musicians of the city scene . Simona collaborated with many Roman artits and worked as composer for theater; Diana Salzo played in other Indie and Post-Rock grups; Elyria was the drummer of Rock and Punk sets; Mushy worked and performed as solo artist in experimental projects. They joined in 2008 on the basis of their friendship and common interest for Eightees New Wave and Post-Punk music, working at first on some basic compostions by Simona Ferrucci, and then creating new ones together. After a short break, due to personal issues of the members, Winter Severity Index started anew playing together in the Winter 2009, defining their common intention of creating a peculiar sound landscape, which totally reflects their personality and their specific taste in music. Different influences and moods converge in the project, in which cold and melancholic atmospheres meet a nervous tribal rhythm section.