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UltraNoir – Dismember Me

Posted in Post-Punk, UltraNoir on 22/09/2010 by redo


Started as a pop group UltraNoir is influenced by shoegaze and post-rock as well as early eighties post-punk acts such as Joy Division, The Cure along with the Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus. These elements blended with political lyrics. UltraNoir’s themes considered bleak visions of fascism, globalisation, social classes, sexism and existential complications of western moral codes over dreamy melody streams and laconic vocals. Their first single “Reach Me, Helen Keller” (2006) reached chart position #4 in Finland. After former guitarist Jan left the group to form Heroin and Your Veins the remaining members Anton, Utu and Jesi continued to tour without a guitarist. Eventually Jesi too parted ways with the band leaving Anton and Utu to perform as a duo and reducing the sounds to a bleak wall of nihilism. In 2009 Niki Vaan from Cherry Stained and Nokia Missio joined their ranks, first as a tour guitarist and then as a recognized member of the band.