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The Tutts – Get In The Club

Posted in Indie, The Tutts on 24/10/2010 by redo

As the eye of the storm passes overhead things are quiet. And at that moment just before you think there is no more to come, the hurricane begins again.

‘Get In the Club’ is the debut album from the Auckland dance-rock, five-piece the Tutts, released October 20. From the runaway success of the first single ‘K’ to the enchanting and tainted love story of ‘I20’, the Tutts songs conjure images of debauchery, dark hallways, and a band steeped in nocturnal mystery. The new single ‘All Over Town’ picks up where the band left off with the vampyric club anthem ‘Whiteout’, with a Smiths like melody, a tambourine and jangling and jagged guitars, ‘All Over Town’ sees the natural evolution of a band finding their sound more and more, but one that is keeping the style that has earnt them the recognition they have received so far.

Their debut album has been a long time coming, but emerges this October after a year’s work in the studio with producer and ex Skeptics member Nick Roughan (Shihad, Headless Chickens, Dimmer). After forming in early 2006, Scott Allen (vox/synth), Mat Robertson (guitar), Dan McLaughlin (guitar/synth), John McNab (bass) and James Percy (drums), burst upon the scene with an army of synth-laced rock songs that made you dance in dark clubs where the smoke poured through the crowd and the strobe light made the dancefloor appear as if the puppeteer above had gone mad. Two years later after the hype has subsided they bring out the record they sweated and bled into until they knew it was ready. ‘Get In the Club’ is a true representation of a band, not a passing fashion in music. Featuring ‘K’, which was nominated for single of the year in 2007 at the NZ Music awards and won best breakthrough video on Juice TV in 2006, and 12 other tracks which capture the mesmerising, dark and sonic power of the Tutts live show, ‘Get In The Club’ defines the saying ‘worth the wait’. Having supported the Strokes and beginning 2007 playing to a 6000 strong crowd at the Big Day Out the Tutts holed up and promised themselves they would not emerge proper until the record they knew they could make was finished. And now here it is. So Get In the Club, October 20.