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State Of The Art – Love Remains A Rebel

Posted in State Of The Art, Synth-pop on 27/08/2011 by redo

Photovoltaik – The Factory

Posted in Photovoltaik, Synth-pop on 28/04/2011 by redo

Page – Dansande Man

Posted in Page, Synth-pop on 13/03/2011 by redo

Bagarre – Lemonsweet (Disco Version)

Posted in Bagarre, Synth-pop on 13/03/2011 by redo

Adolphson-Falk – Kroppens Automatik

Posted in Adolphson-Falk, Synth-pop on 12/03/2011 by redo

Shift69 – Hypnotized

Posted in Shift69, Synth-pop on 07/03/2011 by redo

Void Vision – Black And White

Posted in Synth-pop, Void Vision on 01/03/2011 by redo