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Saints Of Eden – Forbidden Pleasure

Posted in Saints Of Eden with tags , on 03/10/2010 by redo


Forbidden Pleasure is the fourth full-length album by Bedford-based gothic-tinged industrial metal act Saints Of Eden, the band formed by former Nefilim bassist Cian Houchin after his departure from that band. Now, I have to admit right up front – I’m not the most knowledgable guy in the world when it comes to the industrial end of the metal spectrum. Sure, I’m familiar with Rammstein, and I’m a massive Nine Inch Nails fan – but other than that, I’m fairly in the dark about the genre. I think what has always put me off is that I’ve generally found the riffage in most industrial metal to be quite simplistic and unengaging, and the pacing of the more gothic end of the industrial/darkwave spectrum to be quite plodding and unexciting.