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Fotocrime – Nadia (Last Year’s Men)

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The Sinister Cleaners – Calling Home

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Dropbears – Fun Lovin’

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They Fade In Silence

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Nothing People – Enemy With An Invitation

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The Visit – All The Walls

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Wire – Send Ultimate

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Send Ultimate is an archaeology of Wire in the studio
between 2000 and 2003a period during which the band
worked on new music for the first time in a
decade. This retooled edition of Send gives fresh
insight into an exciting chapter for Wire, expanding the frame
around the album and providing a larger context with rare and previously unheard material. The double-CD includes
both sides of the 12 Times U vinylonly collectors
item (the 12XU remixes that catalyzed Wires Send-era burst of creativity); unreleased curiosities such as DJ Fuckoff, an exercise in hyperkinetic dancefloor lunacy; alternate versions of numbers originating in this period that subsequently appeared on 2007s Read & Burn 03; and the tracks from the first two
(out-of-print) Read & Burn EPs that were omitted from the original Send.

Wire – Send Ultimate (2010)

Label: Pinkflag


01. In The Art Of Stopping ( 3:34)
02. Mr. Marx’s Table ( 3:02)
03. Being Watched ( 2:57)
04. Comet ( 3:18)
05. The Agfers Of Kodack ( 3:11)
06. Nice Streets Above ( 3:45)
07. Spent ( 4:43)
08. Read And Burn ( 2:34)
09. You Can’t Leave Now ( 3:41)
10. Half Eaten ( 1:58)
11. 99.9 ( 7:42)


01. I Don’t Understand ( 3:17)
02. Trash/Treasure ( 5:07)
03. Raft Ants ( 2:05)
04. Germ Ship ( 1:50)
05. 1st Fast ( 1:41)
06. Artificial Gravity ( 6:13)
07. DJ Fuckoff ( 5:29)
08. 12 Times U ( 1:41)
09. Our Time (Minimal Mix) ( 4:23)
10. Desert Diving (Alt. Mix) ( 5:32)
11. 12 Times X ( 1:30


The Deep Eynde – The Haunting

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Headleaders – What It Means To Me

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Headleaders formed in 1981. They released a single “Voices/Her ways are cold”/I’m living like a fool” and the lp “What it means to me” in 1983 (by creep records). Members of the band were zozef baselie (drums,vocals), Spiros Faros (bass) and Dakis Halkiopoulos(guitar,vocals). Faros was also member of “Yell-O-Yell” and “Rehearsed dreams”. In my opinion one of the best greek post punk lps

South Of No North – Fell Frozen

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