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Malaise Rouge – La Mort De Cyrielle

Posted in Darkwave, Electronic, Malaise Rouge on 13/11/2010 by redo

MALAISE ROUGE is a band walking its own way to its own rhythm and recording its albums in total independence.
Built in february 2000, REGARD becomes MALAISE ROUGE a couple of months after Saphire leaves and create SLEEPING CHILDREN. The only testimony of REGARD is a 6 tracks demo and a porn movie soundtrack(Regarde-moi by Francis LEROI).
Des pas sur la neige, the first album, entirely written by Julien FERRAGUT (keyboard, bass, vocals), is released in 2002 and compiles the songs initially composed by REGARD with some new stuff like Malaise, first official release in september 2001 as a promotional single. Very Cold-Wave orientated, this album has got a nice perfume of early CURE. As boys will be boys (and won’t cry) Le jardin maudit, the opening track, does not hesitate to imitate our dear tousled Brits’ drums and bass lines. The recording is such a pleasure that another album is planned.
La fin d’un cycle, the second one, recorded by Julien FERRAGUT(keyboard, guitar, vocals), Michael HERNANDEZ (bass and ex-TRESPASS), and Jean-Baptiste BARSI (batterie and ex-REGARD), is released in 2004 and his presented as concept-album about the story of Edouard and Tom, two vampires, master and disciple, falling in love with each other. The musical orientation is more variated than Des pas sur la neige . Tombeurs (the band’s most rock-orientated track) coexists with La mort de Cyrielle (more electonic and “dancefloor”).
Michael HERNANDEZ, acting under the nickname of Afterglauk, is just founding DEADCHOVSKY with Lois-John Slut (guitar-hero and firm vodka drinker) during september 2003. In order to make the story more complicated, they ask Julien and Jean-Baptiste (also called Le Bab and Albator) to join DEADCHOVSKY. Anyway, the project of recording a third album is put on stand by.
Le souffle du vent, the third album, finally recorded by Julien FERRAGUT (keyboard, voice) and Michael HERNANDEZ(bass), is released in 2006 after Julien and Jean-Baptiste were replaced in 2005 by Hellebore and Braen X-Divarre in DEADCHOVSKY. More mature, the album mixes Synth-Pop (Interpol) and traditional Cold-Wave (Le souffle du vent). The influence of DEADCHOVSKY makes a gentle apparition on It doesnt change when Julien uses the Afterglaukish-whiny-batcave-gargoyle way of singing.
And in order to make the things even more complicated Julien FERRAGUT played as a keyboarder with Hellebore in her side-project: CRIMSON MUDDLE.
MALAISE ROUGE is better served at home, reading a good book at the light of a candle, in your bed with a cup of tea as other people go to work, even if your parents, teachers or your boss judge it immoral. And don’t forget that what is embarassing in Morality, is others’ Morality. (Léo Ferré)