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Ancient Methods – Built On Scars

Posted in Ancient Methods, Electronic on 15/08/2019 by redo

Death Stair – This Ghost Reigned Down On Us

Posted in Death Stair, Electronic on 25/12/2018 by redo

Neon Electronics – Follow Your Dreams

Posted in Electronic, Neon Electronics on 02/12/2018 by redo

Antidolby – Sistemas y Ruido

Posted in Antidolby, Electronic on 24/09/2011 by redo

Shock Therapy – A World Without End

Posted in Electronic, Shock Therapy on 02/09/2011 by redo

El Columpio Asesino – Toro (David Kano Remix)

Posted in El Columpio Asesino, Electronic on 27/08/2011 by redo

!Bang Elektronika – Temptation (German Moog Mix 2000)

Posted in !Bang Elektronika, Electronic on 27/08/2011 by redo

Noise Control – Tehniska Musika (Razormaid Digital Mix)

Posted in Electronic, Noise Control on 27/08/2011 by redo

Neonwerk – La Invasion

Posted in Electronic, Neonwerk with tags on 18/05/2011 by redo

Die Selektion – Steine Auf Dein Haupt

Posted in Die Selektion, Electronic, Gothic on 10/05/2011 by redo

Max Rieger // Beats & Synth
Luca Gillian // Vocals
Hannes Rief // Trumpet