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Blacklist – Flight Of The Demoiselles

Posted in Alternative, Blacklist on 22/09/2010 by redo


Blacklist is a band from Brooklyn, New York composed of Josh Strawn (vocals, guitar), Ryan Rayhill (bass), Glenn Maryansky (drums), and James Minor (guitar). They are one of the flagship bands of painter Pieter Schoolwerth’s Wierd Records imprint. The band creates atmospheric modern rock music that has been described as “anthemic,” “darkly erotic, strangely sensual”, and “brings a much-needed anomaly in NYC’s music scene.They are sometimes classified as part of the post-punk revival, though the sound is generally more dense, sonically incorporating elements of shoegaze and heavy metal with coldwave. The members often cite influences like My Bloody Valentine, Motörhead and Black Sabbath, alongside bands like The Comsat Angels, Killing Joke, and The Sound.