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Autumn Twilight – Dream Seeks Dreamer

Posted in Autumn Twilight, Gothic on 09/10/2010 by redo


When formed in 2000, Autumn Twilight was categorised as a gothic doom metal band.
Their debut demo EP, recorded in 2001, was popularised in a short tour in Hungary. Next year, driving to a gig, they had a pretty serious car accident; having recovered, in 2003 they went on another tour around the country.
Marking the transition from one period in their musical history to another, they released their first album As Light Suffers Colours in 2004 which was characterised by the frequent use of acoustic guitars besides heavy, distorted riffs.
After the subsequent tour the female vocalist departed, leaving a four-strong band to record a promo EP, named Crux, at the beginning of 2005. Started off as a metal group,
Autumn Twilight today has a somewhat clearer, more straightforward style, one very close to the old school gothic rock of the 80s, following the sound and spirit of the great bands of the era, which is well represented by the 2006 album, Dream Seeks Dreamer, by the 209 4-track EP entitled “Believe in Faith”.
The band’s latest release LP entitled “Sequel” the new album is out now 27.02.2010.
Their music is characterised by elaborate melodies, intense atmosphere, placing guitars in a central position and ignoring the influence of electronic music in its entirety. They seek the guidance of such groups as Dead Can Dance, Lycia, Cocteau Twins, Fields of the Nephilim, Garden of Delight, Christian Death, The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission.