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A Projection – Substitute

Posted in A Projection, Gothic Rock on 31/10/2019 by redo

Mayflower Madame – Before I Fall

Posted in Mayflower Madame, Post-Punk on 27/10/2019 by redo

Skemer – Heartbreak

Posted in Darkwave, Skemer on 26/10/2019 by redo

Nuovo Testamento – Hush

Posted in Nuovo Testamento on 13/10/2019 by redo

The Coventry – Letter To His Father

Posted in The Coventry on 12/10/2019 by redo

Modi Key – In The Dark

Posted in Modi Key on 08/10/2019 by redo

Heaven Process – Embrace The Fade

Posted in Heaven Process on 06/10/2019 by redo