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Factice Factory – Wie Raben (Extended Mix)

Posted in Factice Factory, Minimal Synth on 31/08/2019 by redo

The Sinister Cleaners – Calling Home

Posted in Rock, The Sinister Cleaners on 31/08/2019 by redo

Infam – Hate Feelings

Posted in Infam, Synth-pop on 31/08/2019 by redo

Echoscope – Crisis Of Faith

Posted in Echoscope, Gothic on 24/08/2019 by redo

Virgin Tears – The Beauty Of Broken People

Posted in Post-Punk, Virgin Tears on 23/08/2019 by redo


Hex Midnight – No Time To Waste

Posted in Hex Midnight, Post-Punk on 23/08/2019 by redo

Aztec Death – Climax

Posted in Aztec Death, Indie Rock on 15/08/2019 by redo

Ancient Methods – Built On Scars

Posted in Ancient Methods, Electronic on 15/08/2019 by redo

Sluff – Since Everything

Posted in Indie Rock, Sluff on 15/08/2019 by redo