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Glasszone – Loving Destruct

Posted in Darkwave, Glasszone on 29/07/2019 by redo

Dancing Plague – Decades Go By

Posted in Dancing Plague, Darkwave on 26/07/2019 by redo

Second Sight – Dan Heath – Scene Dump – Meat Market

Posted in Minimal Synth, Second Sight on 26/07/2019 by redo

3+Dead – November

Posted in 3+Dead, Post-Punk on 26/07/2019 by redo

Creux Lies – Áine’s Song

Posted in Creux Lies, Post-Punk on 25/07/2019 by redo

All Your Sisters – An Awakening

Posted in All Your Sisters, Post-Punk on 25/07/2019 by redo

Audra – Wish No Harm

Posted in Audra, Post-Punk on 25/07/2019 by redo

Replicant – Toecutter

Posted in Minimal Synth, Replicant on 04/07/2019 by redo

A Culture Of Killing – All Will Be Fine

Posted in A Culture Of Killing, Post-Punk on 04/07/2019 by redo

Mannequin – Lines

Posted in Mannequin, Minimal Wave on 04/07/2019 by redo