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Sydney Valette – Back From Mexico

Posted in Minimal Synth, Sydney Valette on 31/03/2019 by redo

The Silent Age – The Hours

Posted in Gothic, The Silent Age on 31/03/2019 by redo

Tidal Gloom – Paradise In Sin

Posted in Post-Punk, Tidal Gloom on 29/03/2019 by redo

Data Fragments – Drawing Lines

Posted in Darkwave, Data Fragments on 28/03/2019 by redo

Konvoi – Cairo

Posted in Darkwave, Konvoi on 28/03/2019 by redo

The Rope – Dying Days

Posted in Gothic Rock, The Rope on 16/03/2019 by redo

The Ire – To Sleep

Posted in Post-Punk, The Ire on 16/03/2019 by redo