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Strange Passage – Ranks Of The Righteous

Posted in Indie Rock, Strange Passage on 29/01/2019 by redo

Deathlist – Until You’re Mine

Posted in Deathlist, Indie Rock on 29/01/2019 by redo

October Burns Black – With You

Posted in Gothic Rock, October Burns Black on 26/01/2019 by redo

The Forced Oscillations – Nocz

Posted in Darkwave, The Forced Oscillations on 14/01/2019 by redo

Split Image – A Muse

Posted in New Wave, Split Image on 05/01/2019 by redo

Another Green Worls – Memorial

Posted in Another Green Worls, Twee on 05/01/2019 by redo

Doric – Monitors

Posted in Doric, Minimal Synth on 05/01/2019 by redo