Archivo para diciembre, 2018

In Fall – Never Gonna Die

Posted in Gothic Rock, In Fall on 29/12/2018 by redo

Rule Of Thirds – Fingerprints

Posted in Post-Punk, Rule Of Thirds on 28/12/2018 by redo

Rhume Carabiné – Lonely Way

Posted in Post-Punk, Rhume Carabiné on 25/12/2018 by redo

Death Stair – This Ghost Reigned Down On Us

Posted in Death Stair, Electronic on 25/12/2018 by redo

Schröttersburg – Melancholia

Posted in Post-Punk, Schröttersburg on 25/12/2018 by redo

Il Mio Campo – Mono

Posted in Darkwave, Il Mio Campo on 16/12/2018 by redo

Ghostland – Leave Behind (Hollow Moon)

Posted in Ghostland, Post-Punk on 13/12/2018 by redo