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Melanoia – Blue Mary

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thanks to Michelle Saint Thomas Records

Valeria – Why Hide

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The Crüxshadows – Deception

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Un Cadavre – The Deposition

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debut 6 track mini cd (plus two two bonus mixes from jd twitch optimo and jodi cave) from glasgow duo un cadavre on japanese label called knew noise, who released ulterior and micron 63 last year. un cadavre have a pounding, visceral torrent of liars-like incantations, gothic guitars and processed feedback. anyone who thought guitar music had lost its cojones with the onset of the latest folk revival, here’s your salvation. like shovelling xtrmntr-era primal scream into a cement mixer with shellac, it’s uncompromising and tough as granite.


Greg Horn – You´re In Control

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State Of The Art – Love Remains A Rebel

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Manicure – Another Girl

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Henric De La Cour – Dogs

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Spark! – Ett Lejon I Dig

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Escalator – Számítógépes Lovagok

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