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The Way Of All Flesh – Never Again

Posted in Gothic, The Way Of All Flesh on 29/04/2011 by redo

Jardim Do Silêncio – Filetes

Posted in Gothic, Jardim Do Silêncio on 29/04/2011 by redo

Sons Of Neverland – Amnesia

Posted in Gothic Rock, Sons Of Neverland on 29/04/2011 by redo

Christine Plays Viola – Witch Of Silence

Posted in Christine Plays Viola, Post-Punk on 28/04/2011 by redo

Photovoltaik – The Factory

Posted in Photovoltaik, Synth-pop on 28/04/2011 by redo

Blessure Grave – Mirror

Posted in Blessure Grave, Gothic Rock on 24/04/2011 by redo

The Home Of The Hitman – Blindness

Posted in Gothic, The Home Of The Hitman on 24/04/2011 by redo