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Alien Skull Paint – Memories Fade

Posted in Alien Skull Paint, Minimal Wave on 28/02/2011 by redo

Dead Pop – Flames Like Candles

Posted in Dead Pop, Gothic Rock on 27/02/2011 by redo

Cccandy – Lonesome Berlin

Posted in Cccandy, Minimal Wave on 27/02/2011 by redo

Under A Purple Sky – Embrace

Posted in Post-Punk, Under A Purple Sky on 27/02/2011 by redo

Alice In A Nightmare – Shelter In My Dreams

Posted in Alice In A Nightmare, Darkwave on 26/02/2011 by redo

Batch ID – Change

Posted in Batch ID, EBM on 26/02/2011 by redo

Call Girl Candy – Here Comes Alice

Posted in Alternative, Call Girl Candy on 26/02/2011 by redo

Black And Shadows – Obcy Krajobraz

Posted in Black And Shadows, Post-Punk on 26/02/2011 by redo

On The Floor – Summer

Posted in Gothic Rock, On The Floor on 26/02/2011 by redo

Adolf Filter – Ligger Tyst

Posted in Adolf Filter with tags on 26/02/2011 by redo