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She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama

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She Past Away is a new wave / post punk band from Bursa, the opposite shore of the Marmara, formed by Volkan Caner (vocal/guitar) and Idris Akbulut (bass) in 2006. With the live participation of Doruk Ozturkcan in electronic drums, the band was totally shaped by the end of 2009.

Clashing gothic lyrics with buzzsaw guitars, allegedly broken vocals and sensory drum effects, the band evokes the cavernous experiments of darkwave era with the likes of The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Suicide.

After a long demo-recording session, in 2009, the duo joined to Remoov Records in which they began to work on their debut release with Süpermatik.

The common characteristic of their live performances is that they combine their well-positioned rawk tunes and harsh textures with paranoia-inducing industrial visuals, which are created by Asli Narin.

Mixed and mastered by Süpermatik, the debut album is going to be out in May, which will be available at online mp3 stores, including iTunes, Emusic and El Giganten.


Sixth Comm

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Sixth Comm was founded in 1986 by Patrick “O’Kill” Leagas, former drummer and vocalist in the first incarnation of Death In June. The early Sixth Comm releases present a mix of melancholic synth pop, ritual sounds and experiments, as well as several reworkings of songs which Leagas had written for Death In June. Sixth Comm’s imagery is heavily influenced by Norse mythology and magic. The band had sometimes the collaboration of appreciated pagan scholar and writer Freya Aswynn. Later on Leagas met dancer/singer Amodali and they started to collaborate under the name of Mother Destruction.


The Morendoes – This Is Blindness

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Bellicose Minds – Visions Of Pain

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Dropbears – Fun Lovin’

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Scream Silence – Forgotten Days

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Dreadful Shadows – Fall

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Gettysburg Address – Dance Feat

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The Mandelbrot Set – Nothing You Need

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They Fade In Silence

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